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Brandon James There She Goes


Brandon James is one of Chicago’s fastest rising artists, and this single There She Goes adds further to an already impressive and widely enjoyable musical catalogue.

There She Goes offers a quickly calming groove and an RnB aura that feels soaked in nostalgic vibes and genuine soul. As a singer, Brandon James reaches every edge of the spectrum with ease – his voice has an authentic smoothness that connects with the central energy of this type of song perfectly well. From the deeper verses to the higher moments of meandering bends and bridges, his voice meets the needs of the moment naturally.

From a musical perspective, this song really shines brightly – the instrumentation has a gorgeously organic feel, right the way through, and not only this but every single performance and riff within is incredibly well presented. This is noticeable more and more so with each new listen. You get a sense that it’s very real, that this is the result of passion, skill, and effort combined – that everyone involved in making this loved doing so, through and through. Furthermore, the soulful tones, the flickers of jazz – the horn solo, the bass line, the drums – everything builds in unison and gradually makes you realise that a live show is where this would all come into its own. Fortunately, this is something fans local to Chicago are likely to stumble upon right now. As far as independent music goes, the dedication, skill, and sheer enjoyment of the craft doesn’t get much clearer and more enjoyable for an audience than this.

There She Goes is a release that feels classically nostalgic at first, which is a pleasure in itself, but that later evolves to become a simple example of well crafted, emotionally relevant songwriting and music. It’s an easy going track with some superb performances throughout.

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