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Boy Hero Year One


Minneapolis rock legend Boy Hero masters the evocative space, with the launch of the brand new six-track EP Year One.

Whole-heartedly committed to its sense of story and purpose, Year One begins with an atmospheric deep-dive into Anteiku – an arena-ready ambiance loaded with keys and guitar riffs, a dreamy wash of reverb setting the mood as whispered vocals lay bare an intimate and thoughtful vibe.

Known for his devotion to the roots of emo rock, Boy Hero soon encapsulates the gritty and passionate edge of his sound, with the pop punk explosion that is the anthemic, unforgettable Pretender, Remember.

Having already risen up through the ranks since its release, this collaborative single with Eric Kyu Bensen skilfully fuses the sheer energy and pace of hard rock, with emotionally loaded scenes and memorable melodies, as the resounding ‘Honestly, what’s wrong with me?‘ echoes through the airwaves.

Creative musicianship continues to help set Boy Hero apart from his predecessors, the likes of a distorted and poetic Hayashi recapturing that Anime and alt-rock fusion, for another unmistakable ode to the Boy Hero sound united with a fiercely expressive and heartfelt outpouring.

Once again Boy Hero takes full command of the space, authenticity of topic and performance meeting with precision and skill from a musical perspective, the resulting combination of a catchy melody and the roar of metal proving intoxicating as the track gathers euphoric momentum.

We then move into In Choosing Both, You Lose Both – an intriguing title more than lived up to by the cinematic details and ambient warmth of its arrangement. This instrumental gem provides a much welcomed dose of calm and imaginative comfort as the third track of the project.

Blending depth and creative enjoyment is a huge part of the natural talent and appeal of Boy Hero, the reasons for the extensive streams of all of these tracks piling high as you make your way through. Consider the quirky title and contrasting mellow pace of not turtley enough for The Turtle Club. Beautifully performed, with stunning vocals up front and intimate from both Boy Hero and a featured Bad Feelings. The dynamic is hypnotic, and the song again gathers momentum to powerfully call out on behalf of the emotional vastness and personal vulnerability of the writing.

The post-hardcore weight of the latter half pierces through with all the more intensity thanks to this carefully crafted set-up.

“This is the hill where I die…”

Wrapping things up is the peak of darkness conceptually intertwined with the immensity of a post-hardcore outcry of pace, presence, desperation, and uncertainty. lifeless, like you is equally addictive as the final track of six; all of which consistently beg for you to listen on repeat. The project is so well written and arranged, faultlessly performed and recorded, that alt-rock and pop-punk fans past and present will almost certainly find solace and understanding in the ache and musical optimism forever threaded together throughout this playlist.

Year One is everything its title implies and then some, a musical masterpiece standing tall on the strength of intention and self-reflection. Intimacy and universal sentiments walk hand in hand, and the music uplifts and breaks hearts all at once. An absolute must-hear this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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