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Bos Nyg She Got Me


Bos Nyg has crafted a smooth and seductive classic with this latest release. A softly entrancing beat meets with an organic acoustic guitar riff, setting the mood well from the offset, and soon enough – the artist’s leading voice and the superb melody that is this song’s hook pour through to seal the deal and satisfy in a memorable way.

She Got Me is a huge track, simple in set-up but incredibly effective in terms of the groove and the good vibes it presents. At the same time, it introduces Bos Nyg as having a clear connection to the alternative pop and RnB genres, as having a love for music and a lust for life in general, and furthermore – as someone with a genuinely unique vocal tone that’s easily recognisable.

In the context of this track, that leading voice works perfectly – the sweetness of the soundscape is matched by the character and flair of the leading voice; familiarity and freshness intertwine, and meanwhile genre labels are thrown aside as the sheer pleasure of well-crafted, intentional music fills the room.

A fine new single, a pleasure to turn up loud and escape amidst, and hopefully the start of a host of new releases from Bos Nyg.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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