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Book Of Shame Hurt


Introducing a complete reimagining of a classic song that’s already been quite famously recrafted in our lifetime, Book Of Shame take things one step further, as they creatively and expressively take on the heartfelt epic from Nine Inch Nails that is Hurt.

In true artistic fashion, this cover doesn’t simply copy the musical elements of the song, but rather – adopts the central emotion and intention of it, and applies that to a fresh perspective and style – in order to draw new attention to the concept and indeed, effectively, give it a whole new meaning.

Book Of Shame bring back the haunting aura of much of NINs’ repertoire, but not in a particularly similar fashion. The band pave their own way, still utilising space, darkness, heavy synths, passionate and sometimes eerie vocal fragments, and an overall sense of uncertainty and even dizziness. The recording captivates of its own accord, feeling almost like a piece of theatre or a pure artistic outpouring of overwhelming emotion and lostness.

The sound is recognisable of Book Of Shame – the voice, the sound-play, the unpredictability – but it also lights up a whole new side to their style. With final engineering from Chris Kimsey, the track makes for a fascinating place to lose yourself for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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