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Bonne Finken Gauntlet


Having bagged an early listen to the upcoming album from artist and songwriter Bonne Finken, it’s easy to confirm that the opening track alone offers more than enough emotion and creative power to engage and envelop listeners in a totally refreshing way.

Down Down is a superb song, one that starts of in a strong and appealing manner but progresses to reach a whole other level artistically. Where delicately meandering vocals lead the way at first, admittedly captivating in themselves – lyrically and in the decidedly expressive inflections Finken offers up amidst each line – later on, the sheer drama and weight of the soundscape, the details and the changing sections, helps the track evolve to become an immense alternative pop experience; the perfect way to kick off what proves to be a superb and increasingly impressive album.

Down Down is a mighty track, it showcases Finken’s vocals under a number of different lights, the underlying concept being effectively represented by every single element – from the rising intensity of the drum line, to the switch from near-whispered softness to strength, even to the contrast between quietly spacious moments and those that hit with the full-throttle impact of a multi-layered electronic rock soundscape. Gauntlet may well be an introduction to Bonne Finken for many of us, but it’s likely to be far from the last we’ll hear of her. Well worth a listen at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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