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Bongo Boy’s Kidz and Katz, Volume 2 Various Artists


Introducing the second installment of their upbeat and colourful family-friendly soundtracks, Bongo Boy Records launch Kidz and Katz, Volume 2, featuring a collection of familiar names, by way of thoughtful and celebratory songs alike.

Instantly meeting the optimism and bounce implied by the artwork, Kidz and Katz, Vol. 2 starts up with a retro party favorite in the form of Let’s Be Friends, featuring Wayne Olivieri and Gar Francis, before moving into the piano-led groove and distorted blues-rock energy of Gar Francis on Blue Cadillac.

Already eclecticism is a huge part of the project’s appeal, not only engaging with the youthful energy of the party, but showcasing variety to appeal to the whole family, and indeed to inspire a broader interest in the organic roots of modern music.

Cinematic details help soften the mood for the acoustic tones of Tiki Cowboys on Crickets, before Monique Grimme leads with vocal brightness and a story of embracing the little things that light up daily life.

Greg Guba shines throughout the folk-intimacy and quirky character of Froggy, while Libra Sun Club follow on with a beautiful performance for another animal favourite, in Dog on the Rooftop.

Gar Francis brings back the warm rock vibes for How It’s Supposed to Be, a strong groove and storytelling that’s easily accessible, building up towards a beautiful, all-together-now chorus.

Well-crafted so as to appeal to children of all ages, Kidz and Katz makes fine use of softer, quieter moments as much so as the bigger floor-filler ones. Grace from The Corridors is a fine example of the former, a heartfelt and evocative moment that inspires a sense of possibility and personal strength.

We then get an equally calming dose of instrumental bliss, with Looking Back, from Kent Hanwell, before the renowned Studeo wrap things up on a memorable and deeply soothing note, for the wonderful bedtime song Baby Don’t Cry.

Promising a timeless array of children’s music, from the essential morning-time energy and brightness, to the evening-suited softer moods, Kidz and Katz, Vol. 2 offers a finely-recorded collection of naturally eclectic, thoughtfully chosen songs.

Far from the repeating irk of more globally utilized Baby Sharks, Kidz and Katz, Vol. 2 makes for a refreshing and enjoyable playlist, for grown-ups and their little ones alike.

Download or stream the Children’s Music of Kidz and Katz, Vol. 2. Find out more via Bongo Boy Records.

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