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Bones Ate Arfa Shedtrak


Sharp riffs, heavy distortion and psychedelic warping all make up the intense yet impressively creative sound of Shedtrak – the latest anthem to prove unconfined by genre, from UK alt rockers Bones Ate Arfa.

Loaded with amplified fuzz but also spacious enough to present a kind of nostalgic post-punk aura, the sort reminiscent of anything between the likes of Audio Bullys, Beastie Boys, The Streets and Hard-Fi, Shedtrak is a fiercely alternative listen, but also connects for its snappy mainstream appeal; and effectively lights up the space with its freedom and energy.

Performative and productionally unpredictable, Shedtrak features a gritty rap-rock vocal line, an anthemic drop, and fearless instrumental prowess along the way. The song utilises old-school segments and scratches, effects and playful design, to ultimately present a sense of pure immersion in the moment – the kind of authenticity modern punk and alternative rock really needs.

Bones Ate Arfa are unconfined by industry expectation, instead just having fun with the process and writing about things you don’t quite expect to hear. Shedtrak is an almost tribal industrial exploration of sonic presence and power, and at the same time makes sure to occasionally strip things back to the bare essentials of voice and rhythm, for that crucial twist of humanity. It’s a winning combination.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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