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Bones 27 Emotions


An easily addictive little anthem, Emotions is a complex and heartfelt song, which resolves perfectly well with a hook that quickly and long-lastingly injects its melody into your consciousness.

Featuring a fairly relentless, entrancing backdrop – a single synth-riff, somewhat more forward and bolder sounding than the vocals – Emotions kicks in with a certain creative originality from the offset.

As the vocals start up, there’s a hint of contemporary auto-tune and effect, and the flow has a partly hip hop-inspired feel and partly something a little more Steal My Sunshine meets emo-rap about it. The back and forth between the two voices later on furthers this creative uncertainty, or rather – it seals the fate of the song as being decidedly interesting, and easy to recognise.

The lyrical honesty throughout the track is notably endearing, reaching out to connect with realism and fearlessness alike – showcasing vulnerabilities in a surprisingly pure way. And as mentioned, every complexity comes to be rounded off well as the simplicity of that hook kicks in once again. Nice.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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