Bolder Range Operators - Jingle Bell Rock - Stereo Stickman

Bolder Range Operators Jingle Bell Rock


Bolder Range Operators give a timeless winter classic a smooth jazz makeover and a whole new organic groove with this release.

The vocals are quite possibly the best thing about this, there’s an accessible or genuine feel to the performances and indeed the recording style – something immediately likable emerges. Then later on, the jazz-vibe furthers its reach with some subtle meandering solos and a welcomed break from the familiar melody.

This whole song feels, by all accounts, like a laid-back, smokey jazz bar live show – the band give the track an air of carefree calm, which, subsequently, calms its audience; and maybe reminds them not to get too stressed out this Christmas season.

As a band, Bolder Range Operators offer a humble approach to musicianship – not overly showy, just honest and skillful in the right kind of way. The vibe is easy going, those vocals carry everything with a hint of purity – not hiding behind effects nor seeking to grab attention from afar with anything over-the-top. The leading voice itself has an enjoyable level of character in the tone, and the additional vocals help warm the soundscape up and give the performance a choir-like feel intermittently.

Where the majority of Christmas releases feel unnecessarily energetic, there’s a gentleness to this performance – it feels as if it’s taking place right there in the room with you;¬†just a few experienced musicians doing what they love to do. A total pleasure to have play and a refreshing take on a rather iconic song. They do their thing well and I’d be keen to hear more of their music after this fine introduction.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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