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Bobby Part Time Clockin’ In


Clever word-play, crystal clear production, musical simplicity and depth of story-telling all unite throughout this inspiring and timeless new EP from Bobby Part Time.

Beginning with the easy-going yet confident Contact – an easy early highlight – Clockin’ In showcases multiple changes in flow, and a fine use of melody and musicality to keep things colourful.

Yes Sir follows and is notably more mainstream-ready with its pop-RnB hook and catchy melody. A strong use of contrast between the hook and the rap verse helps the lyrics really captivate as Bobby sets the scene. There’s a laid-back energy and simultaneous optimism to this one that lights up the room in a welcomed manner.

Switching gears once again is the track Blue Moon, offering an EDM-like soundscape and a falsetto hook that quickly introduce further versatility. The flow is faster, more theatrical as it makes its way through the various stages of the story. The track’s rhythm is on point, the voice and the beat uniting in this creatively fresh progression – always resolving back to the soft soulfulness of the hook.

Adding even more fuel to the fire is John Wick – a memorable riff makes for a recognisable soundscape that backs up the intensity and fast-pace of the flow in the perfect way. A heavier track, standing tall on the strength of its own energy and passion – not to mention the quirk of that title, the swagger and style of the whole concept. Arrangement is important on a longer project and this track comes at just the right time to break up the personal detail and mellow ambiance of elsewhere.

On a similar note, The Basics brings things to an even heavier finish. A harder-hitting sound-track is met by a faultless and breathless vocal outpouring, designed and dedicated to motivating, creating a sense of possibility and self-belief. Everything feels louder, more lost in the moment, and with a welcomed feature from Cino the Ghost the track wraps up the project with a clear bang.

An impressive EP, in short – relevant in style, loaded with talent and addictive rhythms, yet cleanly recorded and genuine in execution. Well worth a listen.

Stream the EP now on all platforms, and look out for the official debut video release for Yes Sir on January 26th. Check out Bobby Part Time on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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