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Bobby Burrows Touch The Sky


Prior to the release of his new album Everlasting, expected on June 7th, the single Touch The Sky introduces the Bobby Burrows sound with a stylish balance between nostalgic rock grooves and crisp, contemporary soundscape design.

There’s  quickly likable and memorable riff that swings into the mix fairly consistently, adding a kind of hook or key characteristic to the instrumental piece, though behind this there’s a partly jazz-soaked and often even genre-free, meandering musical vibe that’s simply a pleasure to have fill the room.

Being able to offer an instrumental ambiance that soothes and is of a professional and enjoyable quality, whilst also clearly driving with artistic intent and a blatant awareness of what works musically and what engages an audience, is a rare and impressive trait. Bobby Burrows’ guitar playing and musical craft-work in general is of an undoubtedly high quality – it would be easy for his music to simply showcase him presenting this, overloading the listener with far more skill than substance. Fortunately though, this is far from the case. The composition is relevantly creative, often humble, and always in tune with its own underlying sentiments and intentions.

Touch The Sky as a title feels like a reach for success – a statement of ambition and possibility; it’s motivating, it seeks to inspire a sense of self-belief and drive. The music offered up throughout the release supports and enhances these ideas perfectly well. Even with its post-six-minute playing time, the track holds close to those inherent qualities and thoughts, and it still manages to hold your interest thanks to varied levels of energy and detail. If the moment needs to be quiet, Burrows makes it so, and if there needs to be an instance of heightened passion and power – that’s precisely what you get.

Touch The Sky is a  total pleasure to listen to at volume – either as a motivational tool or simply as part of the backdrop to your day. I look forward to the longer project.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Rebecca,
    Thank you for the well thought out review of my single. You get me! Masterful use of words that describe the intent of my track. This made all the hard work for months and months in the studio to complete my first solo record all worth it. Forever thankful

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