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After being introduced to Bobby Burrows’ sound and style via the single Touch The Sky just last month, the full-length album Everlasting is finally with us, and it’s one that rock and cinematic instrumental fans alike should absolutely spend a little time with.

Beginning with the brilliantly uplifting and soulful We Belong, Bobby drives with simple, classic rhythms, thoughtful story-telling structures, and a passionate, meandering guitar solo. It’s all at once emotional and energizing; lifting the mood and engaging the listener with a single, familiar melody-line. There’s a subtle hint of something slightly retro to the sound – the keys, the break down during the latter half, but this is all part of that unique structuring and set-up the artist has quite clearly mastered for this project. A brilliant way to kick off the album.

As the playlist continues, it’s difficult to put into writing quite how vast and immersive the soundscapes and the feelings they bring about truly are. And So It Goes kicks in with a now-familiar style, but takes you down a somewhat more optimistic and detailed pathway. Creativity roams yet again, and just as you begin to presume what will follow, Burrows proceeds to throw yet another fork in the road – furthering his reach artistically, and helping make this whole album a total joy to escape into.

Soul Searchin’ adds a hint of swagger and a carefree jazz-vibe that later evolves into something far more stage-rock and ready to impress at a live show. Mystery Of Tears then pours through as something epic and complex, perhaps disconnecting a little and offering a simple backdrop to your day. Afterwards though, the purity and quiet heart of The Look In Her Eyes ” (Ellie) re-builds a sense of intimacy and spacious reflection.

During the latter half, I Promise I Will (GLB) emerges with a soothing, shoulder-swaying groove, gathering momentum slowly but surely throughout. Cagayan – El KaBong Remix then picks up the pace and utilizes another quickly memorable, recognizable riff to weave a web of familiarity around the listener. This one grows to become a hypnotic beauty of a track, well worth hearing in full, and at volume. Last A Lifetime keeps the energy high afterwards as the drums burst through with a touch more intensity – in keeping with the impressive quick fingers of the guitar-work.

Anthem is perhaps the most aptly titled song on the release; aside from Touch the Sky of course. There’s an immediately compelling aura to this composition that envelops the listener from the offset and continues to draw them in closer right through to the end. It feels like a big moment, something meaningful and indicative of togetherness. The album’s title track follows and sees a beautifully chaotic riff and rhythm section rain down around its audience. Contrast works its magic throughout, quieter moments follow, and vice-versa. An increasingly enjoyable piece that again is easily worth revisiting a few times over.

Bringing the album to a close is the superbly cinematic and near-classical Remember – a powerful piece of music, within which Burrows takes his time to craft an entrancing and fascinating journey. Delicacy and subtle intricacies pave the way initially, building up slowly, eventually complemented gorgeously by one final outpouring from the guitar. Strings accompany the melody here, piano too, and plenty of space. A stunning piece of music, thoughtful and intentional, completely unlike anything else on the project, and, ultimately, the perfect way to wrap things up.

There’s clearly an underlying thread or sentiment to this album, perhaps a series of connected events and memories, and these will mean something specific to the artist but will perhaps communicate something else to each and every listener who shares in the moment with him. That’s the beauty of creative, passionately composed instrumental music – there’s very little guidance other than the feelings the music gives you or the memories it ignites. With Everlasting, it’s likely that the music will take certain listeners to equally specific yet individually unique places. A wonderful album, absolutely worth the time it takes to let it play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful review of my record. Rebecca….I can tell you listened because you get it…the story I tell by the music with no spoken or sung words. I took my time with the record’s intent. To go on a journey with me when you listen. No overloading of shred guitar but just enough to add to the music. Thank you tons and peace to all.

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