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Bobbo Byrnes Angelia


Armed initially with only an acoustic guitar, soulful vocals and a poetic, hopeful yet realist outlook, Bobbo Byrnes paints a powerful picture with his decidedly relevant new single.

The folk-shuffle that is Angelia is a brilliantly energizing new single that details the struggles of our divided society in a notably personal manner. The verses talk of the chaos and hardship, the hook resolves in an intimate and anthem-like manner that proves to ultimately satisfy and round off the journey well.

Leading with the imagery-soaked sentiments of country story-telling, Bobbo Byrnes offers organic and uplifting music, with authenticity at its core, and a willingness to provide both the truth and an essential escape from it. The weight of the world is lifted and laid-out all at once, and this feels like a classic folk-rock tune with timeless qualities – whilst also relevantly touching upon everything that is currently raining down upon us.

Beautifully done, complete with an infectious guitar solo and instrumental break-down that effectively invites you to seek out a live show. I look forward to hearing more.

Stream the single on Soundcloud. Find & follow Bobbo Byrnes on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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