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Bobbie Harvey Wrong Kind Of Dreams


Bobbie Harvey is a UK based singer and songwriter currently pushing the craft to the limits with a small collection of finely written, brilliantly performed releases. I Get To Love You was the first to hit the airwaves here, a powerful track that builds gradually from a gentle, smooth intro, to something that absolutely hits with weight and brightness.

Bobbie Harvey’s voice is unquestionable, each changing moment within the track, whether it’s gentle or increasingly passionate, is presented flawlessly by the artist. Much more than just vocal ability though, the songwriting here seems to bring together the crisp and professional finish of modern pop-meets-RnB, and the much more alternative, unexpected lyricism of something a little left of mainstream expectations. I Get To Love You offers a great concept, fresh yet immediately relevant to any number of audiences. The music is beautifully crafted and the performance is put forth in a skillful and satisfying way. It’s a great song, a stand out pop single with something a little extra on the side – a strong introduction to the Bobbie Harvey sound.

Wrong Kind Of Dreams is huge, a heavy follow-up with a mighty hook section and a colourful, powerful musicality. The track hits like a dance classic but it also seems soaked in possibility – the remix potential appears limitless even though the song works perfectly well in its own right. This is pop done properly, with passion, with professionalism, with build-up and intensity. The drop has undeniable strength and this gives the music an awesome glow that allows you to simply turn it up loud and escape entirely into the moment.

Rather than this short collection being an EP gathered around a single hit, these three songs each feel like classics. Out My Mind continues down the road of emotional entrancement and grit, though this is supported again by a gorgeously smooth musicality that rides along in a dreamlike fashion. The story-telling here seems to offer up a certain level of truth and even vulnerability, laying bare the inner thoughts and feelings of the artist, allowing listeners to really connect on a personal level. The contrast between the delicate moments and the bigger, louder ones gives off an immense effect. The sound is melodic and memorable in that you’ll find yourself singing these words long after listening, but it also has that easy going quality of trip-hop – the likes of which you can simply let play around you, as a calming backdrop to your day, or as the perfect accompaniment for a long drive.

Bobbie Harvey is out here putting everything into these songs – the recordings are immaculate, as are her performances throughout. Well worth exploring and sharing, and for those who are local to London; definitely check out a live show when possible.

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