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Bob Jeter Along For The Ride


Bob Jeter is a musician with a warmth and calmness reminiscent of some of the greats. Along For The Ride presents listeners with a superbly well written, Americana style track, with a touch of rock-ballad magic in there to really give it something melodically memorably.

To say that the song is well written is something of an understatement, it pays tribute to some of the best songwriting from the past few decades – the way in which the musician has structured the track, each melody, the arrangement of chords, and indeed each additional riff – it all works in unison to provide a complete and, as mentioned, genuinely warm and enjoyable piece of music. The artist’s leading vocal performance has the perfect tone and style to it for this particular setting, and the lyrics throughout have a simplistic yet original edge to them – the song feels all at once familiar and fresh, as if you’ve heard something similar, but never quite like this.

The saxophone throughout the recording is inspired, a really striking addition to the mix and really allowing you the space within which to enjoy the thoroughly good vibes laid out by the music. The music has a big sound, a live show with a full band would be greatly appealing, though in fact, the quality of the songwriting and the leading voice suggest that even a stripped back, acoustic performance from the artist alone would have a memorable impact. The key melody, the chorus – the hook – is one that is almost immediately imprinted in your mind. It’s a satisfying break from the verses and the pre-chorus, and it’s a mellow kind of hook, too – which is unusual, but works brilliantly in this setting.

Bob Jeter appears as an experienced and skillful musician and songwriter, with a beautiful voice. Hopefully there’s much more music to be discovered. Check out the track over on Reverbnation. Find and follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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