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BMP’s rap skills are refreshingly enjoyable at this point within the industry. His lines pour through with equal parts personal story-telling and poetry, as well as a dash of all that is authentically hip hop.

Right Now is a great place to start, a colorful and fairly experimental beat emerges that strikes as unusual at first but quickly grows to feel totally natural and fitting for the work of the artist at hand. It’s a fresh beat but one that still holds close to the essence and mood of the genre; it’s respectful and original all at once.

On top of the music is the wordplay and the performance – the story, the concept. As an artist BMP holds nothing back in his music, and this song in particular offers audiences an unquestionable level of honesty and openness that is in part what makes it so compelling and so able to connect – even with listeners thousands of miles away.

Anyone who listens to hip hop on the regular will see a natural appeal in the beat and the subject matter from the offset, though as you delve deeper into his music – there’s a lot more that seeks to impress and keep you coming back. Certain lyrics introduce clever, conscious writing, and certain others showcase the true character and personality of the artist – including the melodic moments towards the end.

Right Now is a snappy but mellow track that highlights BMP’s vocal tone and style in a subtle but certain way. It’s easy to let this play in the room around you if you’re a fan of alternative hip hop in general, but at the same time – you can, if you choose to, focus in on any and every line, and let BMP work his laid-back lyrical magic and truthfulness in a way that captivates and entertains.

The rest of his collection to date offers all of this and more – the emotions vary, but always his heart and his mind approach the process with a sense of understanding and unity. Blame On Me is an incredibly impressive and heartfelt piece that offers a stunning musical backdrop that supports the underlying sentiment in a powerful but delicate way. It’s easy to get lost in his playlist over on Soundcloud – well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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