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Blvff Never Rest


This is something really special, particularly for you hip hop or conscious rap fans out there. The music on Never Rest has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative trip-hop, and on top of this, Blvff as a performer and rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.

The music is beautiful in itself, the hit of an industrial-style, intense beat contrasts with the purity and softness of a piano melody. A slightly-Jazz-cafe vibe comes through initially, laying out the perfect, calming foundation upon which the artist can work his lyrical magic. Throughout the song, the genre or style touches on RnB, Hip Hop, electronica, spoken word. It feels much more like a piece of art than the majority of indie hip hop releases – within which the rapper most commonly spits consistently over a disconnected beat. In this case, the music and the voice work in unity, they seem inseparable even. The mood of the ambiance behind the words is blissful for the most part, but when the vocal intensity rises – the instrumentation effectively follows suit.

The more you listen to this, the more you’re likely to fall for the sound. The music is so easy to get into, instantly calming as it begins to play. Blvff’s leading voice has a softness fused with a passionate intensity that makes it again easy to listen to but also demanding in a way, as if you just don’t want to risk missing out on the ideas. It all works beautifully, the touch of melody makes for a clever break in the structure, and this awareness of what works in composition continues from start to finish. You can sit back and relax to this, and if you choose to, you can pick out any line and find something notably impressive, and most likely inspiring. Here’s hoping 2018 brings a lot more music from Blvff.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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