Blu$h - Mist Vol. A - Stereo Stickman

Blu$h Mist Vol. A


Starting things off in just the right way, Blu$h sets the mood beautifully with an ambient and dreamlike, underwater-style soundscape that is the aptly titled and exotic Aquarian.

Superb production meets with a clear sense of rising emotion and energy, slowly enveloping listeners in a sense of warmth and oneness, yet simultaneously drawing focus to a plethora of intricacies that all at once impress and captivate.

Nothing ever stays the same for too long, and yet there are distinct threads throughout the track, including the rhythm – a skillful trait – that make it easy to recognise once you’ve listened even just a single time.

The artwork for this project actually suits the dreamy, immersive vibe of the music perfectly well. You get lost in this fullness and calm, and your mind is suddenly free to wander in a fearless and soothing way.

Xibalba follows on gorgeously, seeming to introduce similar traits that fall under the producer’s own character and style, but venturing off on its own notably bright, melodic and soulful journey regardless. Here we get a sort of call-and-response between the higher and lower melodies, and a dash of voice just whispered for some reminder of humanity. The beat is a little more consistent, feeling partly ready to evolve into classic house or techno. Another beauty.

Sushi finishes things up with the gentle sweetness of a piano-line, a melody that again has both a low and high counterpart. The partly tribal beat clicks into place, almost industrial but organic enough to blend seamlessly with the natural warmth of the track. Flickers of voice appear once again, no lyrics – you fill in the gaps yourself as you relax into the experience. Various synths and notes and details rain down around you, fully enveloping you in this thoughtful, peaceful space.

Really nicely done – professionally crafted, creative as you like, and with more than a few recognisable characteristics. Above all else, a genuine pleasure to escape into.

Download the EP via Apple. Find & follow Blu$h on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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