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Blue Dream Camera Quarantine Blues


Composer and producer Patrick Rooney has recently released a handful of original tracks under the AKA of Blue Dream Camera. Featuring a plethora of musicians and artists at the forefront, the music leads with strength of melody and lyric for the most part, with plenty of eclecticism between songs – and always a clear, organic backbone that’s quick to connect.

Quarantine Blues is the first to cross our path, and its title and intention reach out in a poignant and stylish way – all at once encapsulating the mood of the year, and offering a musically soulful, rhythmically smooth hit of escapism; with bold and beautiful vocals to lead us through the story-line. There’s even some fine guitar and horn solo work delivering a well-placed mid-section that allows this mood to fully envelop listeners.

The blues keep on coming for an equally stylish groove that is Ironman Lady. A slightly fuller soundscape, with a notably addictive resolve for a hook – welcoming in a second vocal, and a fine use of space for contrast and impact. A definite early highlight, with the same live-performance prowess yet a song-writing edge that’s immediately memorable.

State of Our Affair keeps the nostalgic shuffle leading the way but brings in a lower-toned, raspy vocal to walk us through the smokey backstreets of a jazz-kissed town centre. Then for a little eclecticism, we get the blissful pairing of smooth sax and light, melodically meandering piano, to embrace us for a deeply poetic, lyrically profound The Night Bird.

Another definite highlight, The Night Bird intrigues and satisfies all at once – drawing you in with a story that fascinates, holding you captive with a brilliant melodic build-up and some subtle yet sublime production choices.

Everything is subtle, yet effective – the flickers of guitar, the additional voices for warmth and melancholy united, the space between layers. A personal favourite from the new collection, and an easy track to have reappear in the long-term playlist.

Being just less than half of the originals to hit the airwaves from Blue Dream Camera this year, these four songs make for a fine introduction, yet lay bare only a fraction of the creative reach of the composer behind them. An easy choice for some fresh-headed yet musically immersive escapism this season.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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