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Blood End Wine Sleeping Dogs Lie (Feat. Marcus Smaller)


Stunning rock vocals lead with a warm and raspy tone to kick off this beautifully energising and poetic new collaborative single from Blood End Wine and Marcus Smaller.

Featuring a brilliant build-up from delicacy and space to the full-throttle embrace of a pop-rock and mildly electro soundscape, Sleeping Dogs Lie stands tall on the strength of its songwriting and the clear personality and skill combined in the performances.

The structure is fantastic, each segment presenting a fresh yet equally engaging melody – not to mention a series of lyrics that connect for their openness, their listing format, their unusual yet strangely relatable references. The whole thing is incredibly poetic, from the metaphorical title through to every aspect of the hook – the song begs for you to learn each line and dive into this addictively rhythmic outpouring.

Bringing together the talents of Julia frontman Matthias Kobold and 3 Feet Smaller frontman Marcus Smaller, Sleeping Dogs Lie intrigues in prospect alone, but ultimately tears the roof off with its stand-out concept and musical brightness.

Produced again by long-time collaborator of Matthias’, Niko Stössl – known for his work with Patrice, Crystal Castles, Moto Boy/Nina Persson – Sleeping Dogs Lie delivers a unique fusion of pop, rock and dance, with crisp vocals and a powerful succession of moments; each one further securing the need to witness a live performance.

Interesting, thoughtful, refreshing – genuinely original yet well-rooted and crafted with the known to be effective building blocks of mainstream pop and rock. Sleeping Dogs Lie uplifts and satisfies in a quickly unforgettable way. An infectious new alternative hit, with a timeless quality. Easily one for the long-term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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