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Blind Lucy Fate


Brisbane’s Blind Lucy bring through a fresh fusion of classic and new rock with this latest single. Fate is a track that takes its time to strike, the opening moments offer a lingering sense of anticipation, but it’s not clear in what way this will show itself – or whether it will at all. Once the first chorus hits, the band come into their own entirely – their energy and their influences, this progressive aura and this sort of carefree fusion of sub-genres; you quickly begin to appreciate the songwriting and the sheer musicality of it all.

After that first chorus, the next verse captivates a lot more effectively. The sound is a little grunge-like for the most part, not clear-cut but washed in as one distorted ambiance. The electric guitar solo during the latter half shines brightly within this setting and makes for a welcomed breakaway from the now familiar structure – it’s a brilliant solo, and the rhythm guitar and the drums behind it work perfectly in keeping the vibe alive. When the hook returns once more, this time it’s the lyrics and the melody that you start to appreciate. The band’s lead singer finds his feet during these bigger moments – the verses are a lot more gentle, almost whispered even. The contrast is effective in the long-run.

The second time you listen to this, the structure and the long-form melody of the verses connects a lot more intensely. The lyrics are great, the song has a concept and an idea that it sticks to throughout. As the music builds, the entire band work hard to reach this united height of passion and power, and it works. The song is a grower for sure, but it makes certain to get to you as quickly as possible once you’re involved. Blind Lucy come at this from a fresh and uncommon angle, and it works greatly in their favour.

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