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Bless’d Gold Take The Lead


Heavy bass and dreamy, ethereal synths unite for a soundscape that aptly lures its audience in for the confident and quirky rap style of Bless’d Gold.

Take The Lead is her brand new single, an anthem of contemporary weight and presence, standing tall on vocal clarity and conceptual threads of story that prove both revealing and empowering.

Progressing from a catchy hook through subtle production traits that help elevate the entire arrangement, Take The Lead brings in multiple verses of subtly varying flows, and talks of the inspiring journey of Bless’d Gold on her quest to become an artist at the forefront of modern music.

Devoted to the cause and refreshingly minimalist aside from that intense bass and beat combination, Take The Lead stands out for its spacious musicality as much so as the cleanly mixed and unmistakable tone and delivery of Bless’d Gold’s voice.

It’s a voice born to do precisely what the title of the song promises, and this release undoubtedly marks the start of a year set to draw further focus to that motivational, leader-like quality.

Single out May 1st. Check out Bless’d Gold on Facebook & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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