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Blake Pierce Jesse and You


Relighting the organic fire of open and honest country music, Blake Pierce’s song Jesse and You is an unforgiving expression of betrayal presented by means of a bright and memorably melodic song. Everything from the rhythm and instrumentation, to the leading artist’s voice, makes this a deeply authentic piece of country songwriting and performance.

The song progresses in a simplistic way and the music surrounds you in a surprisingly warm manner. The rhythm is infectious, it makes you want to move, and all the while this underlying story of heartbreak paints a picture that gets clearer and clearer with every line. At under three minutes long, the song works hard to make certain its melody and concept sink in quickly, which they undoubtedly do.

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Blake Pierce’ voice carries the sentiment and melody in a notably easy going yet characterful way, and this works well in this setting. The music has been crafted in an effective way as well, so with every changing section, every development within the melody or the plot – the music follows suit, supporting and enhancing the tone, and always leading up with skill and relevant detail towards the song’s hook.

The hook is the stand out moment in terms of the song’s melody. The line alone doesn’t quite conjure up the precise truth behind it, so the title and the chorus in themselves give very little away. It’s only when you take the time to really listen that you come across the reality of the situation. It’s great that the music is able to lull you into a comforted state in this way, so if you choose to, you can simply let the good vibes of the sound pour out and be an enjoyable part of your evening. It’s a clever way to get something out there, to get a particular experience or struggle off your chest, and to write a song that means something, without having it weigh down too heavily on the listener.

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