BlackLight - Beautiful People - Stereo Stickman

BlackLight Beautiful People


Catchy and soulful vocal inflections mix up the melodic presence of this eclectic and energising new single from creative producer BlackLight.

Meandering through infectious rhythms, retro flavours and original samples united, Beautiful People follows a summer stomp of a beat alongside distorted nostalgic bass, towards the equally timeless introduction of a cleanly-mixed, classic rap flow.

All at once we’re engulfed in this nineties optimism and bounce, whilst feeling the sheer creativity of BlackLight’s uninhibited approach to modern trance and tech house.

Coming in at a fairly humble three minutes thirty-four, Beautiful People takes listeners through a surprinsgly complex and varied journey. Never getting complacent, BlackLight keeps things interesting and detailed every step of the way – and never at the cost of those essential roots of familiarity.

The beat goes on, the riffs and vocal fragments all holding close to familiarity, and ultimately we’re gifted an unmistakable late-night floor-filler with plenty of potential for additional mixes. Enjoy at volume this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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