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BlackJacketBoys Just A Vibe


Creative twists in strong supply but with a refreshingly complex musicality interwoven – BlackJacketBoys take on the genre-fusing contemporary landscape, with the beautifully melodic and simultaneously hard-hitting Just A Vibe.

Introducing itself with a Spanish-esque guitar part of impressive fingerstyle arrangement, familiar in chord pattern but cleverly skilful during the final part of its phrase, Just A Vibe goes on to inject a notably full and intense bassline and beat – suddenly uniting the organic and electronic worlds for this blissfully hypnotic embrace.

It’s a mighty drop, subtly unconventional, and contrast works its magic repeatedly from here on in – the track’s familiar building blocks appear intermittently and then together, ultimately weaving a web of addictive melodic journey and energising possibility all at once.

BlackJacketBoys approach the modern scene with relevance and originality combined. Just A Vibe is, at its core, precisely what the title promises. Underneath though, the single promises a new sense of identity and escapism – hopefully future releases will promptly reinforce this.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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