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BlackCaesar Little Johnny


Kicking into gear with a distant and somewhat nostalgic, retro beat, Little Johnny soon goes on to lay out its addictive and haunting hook – an anthem-like, rising melody, which spirals upwards in a sort of Backstreet Freestyle fashion.

BlackCaesar takes command of the space, declaring the track a hit before it even fills the room, and proceeding to offer up precisely the confidence and character required to take it there.

The track’s title, its hook, and this retro beat, all undoubtedly give it a sense of personality and make it recognisable from the offset. The further into things you get though, the verses showcase a whole other side to the artist’s work and creativity.

The track’s verses lead with a classic hip hop confidence and strength, dealing with short lines that move from reference to reference, making light work of the climb but declaring a level of determination alongside a laid back sort of love for life – and an unwavering confidence about every aspect of it. What separates the track, however, is the nature of these references. BlackCaesar effectively blends a renowned style of hip hop with a refreshing, contemporary take on familiar bars. In short, they’re not as familiar as you’d expect.

Every phrase and every bar offers something a little left of what’s common; clever wordplay and quirky rhymes, unpredictable imagery. Then you get the heavy resolve of the hook once again, to top everything off with style and to bring the audience back into the process.

Really well done, a classic hip hop track with a fresh edge of style and intention. And this is far from the beginning of his journey – check out more music via the links below.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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