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Black Note Graffiti Such Is Art


Black Note Graffiti have an exciting sound, not simply the thickness and volume of rock, but the structure and passion of thoughtful and effective songwriting.

Such Is Art introduces itself by fusing a classic, distorted guitar part – simple yet heavy – and a gritty but slightly vulnerable, emotional leading voice, that comes across almost immediately as very genuine and honest. The sound on the whole is that of a band who will draw in fans of anything from Pearl Jam to Audioslave to Queens Of The Stone Age to Smashing Pumpkins and beyond. There’s no specific comparison, it’s just this energy the band present, and this complex and considerate writing style that suggests there is far more to the music than a love of being loud.

Such Is Art is an intricate and fascinating song, beautifully structured – every moment offers something new and unexpected, yet is always in keeping with the story telling and mood of the song. The hook is incredible; the more you hear it, the more it takes hold. The particular line chosen has the unique qualities of being unheard elsewhere, holding the fierce power of the key melodic moment, and being both fresh yet completely relevant to most who will listen. This inherent humanness is something that will always speak at greater volumes than genre or instrumentation alone ever could.

It’s a brilliant song. As a fan of classic, heavy yet melodic rock music, it’s refreshing to discover a band bringing back the very essence of passionate, open, unapologetic grit, and not at the cost of skillful or captivating musicianship. They’re a promising band, I’ll definitely be on the look out for a longer project in the near future. Turn it up loud and lose yourself in the sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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