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Black Masses So Long, Sailor


Stylishly bringing together nostalgic alternative rock with contemporary lyrical angst and passionate vocals, Black Masses capture the moment beautifully, for the intense yet emotive So Long, Sailor.

Featuring the simple rise and fall of a distorted guitar riff and power-chord pattern, with an equally wave-like movement from quiet to intense as the mix gathers momentum, So Long, Sailor employs brilliantly stage-ready vocals for a raw indie twist, and ultimately delivers a refreshingly new rock sound for the months and years ahead.

Emerging complete with a simple yet striking set of visuals for the lyric video, So Long, Sailor comes in at less than three minutes in full, but makes sure to hit with humble impact during that time. While the performances are clearly energetic and driven, connected to the topic and the moment, the mix allows them to settle in smoothly amidst the overall production. The result is a more fuzzy or timeless arena-ready style – one that may well remind listeners of a much simpler era.

Contrast is masterfully utilized throughout this release, between both the highs and lows of the progression, and indeed between pairs of lines from our leading singer. Softly whispered moments cleverly juxtapose those that hit with more ferocity, and the poetic imagery and vulnerability of the lyrics effectively match and reinforce this change.

Powerful music, artistically-rooted yet also a joy to let play at volume for the sheer impact and feel of the completed atmospheric sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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