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Black Lab In A Moment


Electronic duo Black Lab have crafted a deeply emotive, cinematic beauty for this latest single.

From mellow beginnings, soaked in anticipation, a softly expressive vocal rides alongside a wash of synths, a rising and falling riff melody, and a light trip-hop beat, to lay bare a scene – the start of the story.

Soon enough we get the rise up to the hook, a beautiful moment of brightness and passion, the music intensifying this uplifting progression and the clear grit and devotion in that voice reaching equally engaging, immersive new peaks.

The song’s hook ultimately gives the sound a Thirty Seconds To Mars feel, the lyrics and the vocals work in unison with the soundscape to create a sudden jump in energy and euphoric bliss. That raspy voice reaches out soulfully to declare the truth, to prompt a sense of awareness – to inspire listeners to seize the moment; to live well while the opportunity is here.

Meanwhile that rise and fall of the riff creates a hypnotic constant, and the song’s latter half lets these multiple instrumental layers really intertwine and collaborate in a wholly entrancing fashion. Enter a short change in melody, before the final drop to the hook, and the whole thing proves gorgeously emotional – screaming out to connect with realness and beauty united.

Black Lab have compiled a series of photographs to accompany the lyric video release for the single. While this is clearly a song for the audience – a gift, to be made your own – there’s also undoubtedly a skilful, creative and professional act behind it all, and here we get to build a stronger connection with the band that will, hopefully, last throughout their future releases.

Beautiful, a fantastic song, gorgeously crafted.

Single Out May 26th. Find & follow Black Lab on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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