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Black Jasmine My Kingdom / Black Jasmine / Waiting For Your Return


The Story Of Black Jasmine is the upcoming musical show from Black Jasmine, a trio of singers brought together by a shared passion for music and performance. The show will launch in August, and will contain an array of compositions including My Kingdom, Black Jasmine, and Waiting For Your Return. We were fortunate enough to get an early listen to the songs.

Xi Lyu is the writer and driving force behind Black Jasmine. Her music is influenced by both her Chinese heritage and her love of Western Opera. As unique as this fusion of cultures is, the music represents it well and the sound is built upon elements that quite clearly link back to two very different styles. Black Jasmine has a beautifully uplifting energy to it, opening with a meeting of the oriental or harp like tones and the smoothness of an underlying piano arrangement and a beat that soon explodes into something unexpected and fresh. The structure of the piece is intriguing, the journey the music takes you on as you listen is complex and powerful, and this is merely a taste of what the upcoming show will be like.

My Kingdom offers a much more alternative or even dance and EDM driven experience. The energy is high, the Western influence is crystal clear, yet there’s still that underlying touch of personality and character to remind you of the threads running through this creative endeavor. This piece also further showcases the value of lyrics and their importance to the songwriters involved. All in all, this will make for a great live show experience – the energy and the ideas combined make for something powerful.

Waiting For Your Return is a beautiful composition featuring some stunning vocals and really showcasing the strength of the operatic influence and the strength of each band member’s own voice. The combined sound of the voices has a dramatic ambiance that again suggests this will be an unmissable live show.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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