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Black Bluebirds Love Kills Slowly


Love Kills Slowly is heavy, driven by thick and distorted riffs and a distinct bass-line – the song erupts into life with plenty of character and a fairly surprising level of melody.

The opening weight of the music has a definite sense of style to it, and what emerges as things move along adds to this effect quite intensely. Everything from the varying riffs, the instrumental tones featured at each moment, the contrasting voices presenting different ends of the audio spectrum – the whole thing appears as manic yet contained within this consistently relevant arena of sound. There’s a feeling of this being a big band effort, almost veering off into the orchestral edge of performance – so much takes place within such a short timescale. For what feels like indie or electronic rock from the initial instrumentation, the single later evolves into a piece inspired partly by hard rock or metal, and partly by some other, much more theatrical musicality.

Whichever way you look at it, the sound is huge, and the effort and detail that has gone into the crafting of the track is underlined effectively at every moment. You get a strong feeling of togetherness with this release and indeed with the band’s sound in general. The music feels about as close to a live performance as possible, the mix has captured the necessary passion within each voice and within the presentation of the story-line – musically and vocally – so the underlying sentiment of the song and its ideas therein is expressed in a bold and striking sort of way. As you near the end of the track, the key melody or hook most definitely stays with you – those echoing, higher pitched vocals that echo in the backdrop make certain the line lingers in your mind.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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