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Black Bear Whisper Exit the Dragon


Black Bear Whisper brings together Danish vocalist Kat Boelskov and London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Un Famed. The duo have never had a physical conversation but instead communicate strictly through the written word, and music. Find out more about that here. In the meantime, their single Exit The Dragon puts in a strong argument for the productivity and high quality that can come from such an arrangement.

Exit The Dragon is a song that strikes as somewhere between electronic rock and electro-pop. There’s an air of darkness about the track, but it’s far from unsettling or haunting. Instrumentally there are some brilliantly riffs featured throughout the soundscape. These come in the form of oriental flickers of character and funky bass-lines alike. At the same time, the beat itself has a fairly industrial feel, electronically sourced and backed up intermittently by heavy shadows of synths and tripped-up effects that keep things interesting and multi-layered throughout – as well as reinforcing the song’s underlying sentiments.

On top of everything is the song’s concept and indeed the leading voices delivering it. The duo’s lyrics are a huge part of what makes their sound  theirs, though it’s likely to be the second thing you notice among such a colourful and complex, interesting ambiance. Their lyrics seem all at once uniquely out there and strangely familiar. They’re accessible in an unexpected way, and the same goes for the whole vibe of the song. It’s a track you might turn to for its cool or stylish production style, but equally for its passionate performances, its intriguing presentation of ideas of dominance, and its overall sense of personality. It’s distant and close-by in the same instance. All of which helps give Black Bear Whisper this totally original, fairly incomparable sound right now.

If I learn that you might let me down
Well I won’t let you leave, you are here on a leash and how
Just bow – Don’t you make no sound

Stream or download the single here. Find & follow Black Bear Whisper on Facebook. Visit their Website for more info.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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