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Bizkit Acquired Taste


There’s an overwhelming sense of fun and good vibes to this track that works hard to make you smile. Bizkit presents a melodic and joyful approach to alternative pop. Acquired Taste is a song with a fairly simple set up, but a quickly recognizable chord progression and production style, and an equally unforgettable hook (and not in the unsettling ear-worm sort of way).

This is a great track in my opinion, Philadelphia born Allen “Bizkit” Arthur has a pretty big character and this comes through really well throughout this release. The sound of his voice quickly makes itself known and familiar, the melody and rhythm of the song fit in with some of the bigger summer hits of recent years, and the story-telling helps creates something quite fresh among that.

Bizkit is an artist who works hard at his craft and puts a wonderful touch of personal creativity into his music. Adding to the unique twist of his sound and artistry, the RnB-fusion producer and songwriter has been playing the saxophone since the 4th grade, and this gem of a trait comes through beautifully throughout the single – most notably towards the end. This touch of organic instrumentation, the stylish swagger of the sax sound and the colour it brings to a simple rhythm and electronic beat is brilliant. It makes you fall for the sound even more, and these good vibes are ideal for RnB or alt-pop, even hip hop fans, across a range of audiences.

Acquired Taste is a bright song with a strong feeling of the summertime to it. The hook showcases the uncommon concept and the change in melody in a way that makes certain you know it for it next time. The whole song is really well crafted, performed and produced – a pleasure to play.

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