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Binary Spirit Overkill


Binary Spirit presents an interesting balance between grit and delicacy on this latest release. Fusing the thick fuzz of distorted EDM with a somewhat more dreamlike, softly synth-soaked ambient top layer, Overkill progresses through its various stages with absolute power and confidence.

Retro electronic elements meet with a crisp and hard-hitting contemporary edge to bring dance fans something infectious and quickly energizing – but something that also follows its own creative story-line and levels of emotion at every step.

While there are moments of calm and softness, there also follows rightfully uplifting drops to intensity – moving the experience away from seduction at sunset to high octane, peak dance-floor overload; and taking the listener with it in the process.

The first time you revel in the energy of this track it offers a touch of nostalgia easily invites you into the moment. The second time you hear it, the various sections have a more individually recognisable aura. The switch from the simple house vibe of the intro, to the spacious, thoughtful soundscape afterwards, then later to the beautiful chaos and corruption of the track’s full-throttle explosion of rhythm and weight; these are stages in the story, threads that remind you where you are.

Rather than follow the standard mainstream rules for structure, Binary Spirit makes and breaks his own rules – something that grabs attention initially for how unexpected it is, and hits with immense impact later on when you know what there is to look forward to.

EDM fans past and present will likely thrive on the sheer strength and vibrancy of a creatively complex track such as this. Binary Spirit introduces himself as a composer, fusing musical awareness and ability with a clear set of skills – a level of professionalism in music production that lets each and every varied layer and detail shine as brightly as possible. Overkill is a brilliantly addictive new track, well worth a run-through at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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