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billzee R.I.P


Refreshingly crisp, creative and gripping – Hip Hop’s billzee fuses genres with passionate conviction and unrivaled strength of songwriting – all of which stands tall with ease, for the brilliant R.I.P.

Unexpectedly guitar-led and later blending character and lyrical grit with a soulful ear-worm of a hook, R.I.P feels like a classic hip hop breakthrough that’s both memorable and fresh.

The structure is superb, everything from the intricate production choices to the bars to the hook resolve works in favor of a captivating listen. It’s a strong introduction to billzee, and the UK’s own continues to impress throughout his repertoire.

Also released in recent months, Born bad freestyle delivers a retro yet again nostalgic Hip Hop backdrop of haunting riffs and heavy rhythms, spacious yet effective, to naturally support and enhance his varied flow and purposeful storytelling.

Switching gears a little is Dad Bod, colourful and pop-like in its mainstream optimism and quirks, showcasing another side to the versatile yet unmistakable rapper and artist.

Fearlessly exploring different styles and organic musical options is a clear trait of the billzee repertoire, no doubt indicative of an impressive live show as and when the tour happens.

One last stand-out from billzee is Homewreckers, darker again and with that retro riff injecting a hooky edge amidst a boldly comical and strictly adult-themed outpouring of wordplay and filthy scenes. Another twist of identity and eclecticism amidst an increasingly uninhibited collection of original Hip Hop performances.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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