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BILL From The Soul


Artist and songwriter BILL succeeds in standing taller than a simple genre label can imply with this release.

From The Soul is a uniquely relevant and smooth, contemporary pop hit, but it comes with more than a few layers of personality and power that effectively elevate the track above many of its peers.

Leading with a quickly engaging, original riff, and a subsequent soundscape that builds up beautifully to envelop listeners in an ambient and thoughtful few minutes of escapism.

BILL’s vocal lead meanders through delicate melodies to a cleaner-cut rap verse, all the while holding close to an intimate way with story-telling – he lays his truth bare from the offset, delivering heartfelt lyrics, poetry and character all at once. The result is a song that’s both radio ready – relevant to today’s landscape – and fresh for its introduction to an honest artist with a clear set of intentions.

Complete with a subtly catchy hook, and a leading riff that’s equally memorable, From The Soul is an easily likable pop hit; and a fine starting point for those new to BILL’s music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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