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Bijy-B For Myself


Fresh from the brand new album Life In The Moment, Bijy B showcases gorgeously soulful, breathy vocals and a hypnotic manner of sound-design as For Myself introduces a uniquely melodic take on contemporary hip hop.

Featuring an initially appealing hook and an immersive, colourful ambiance, For Myself goes on to tick a whole lot more creative boxes. The rap verse is decidedly nostalgic, cleanly mixed and purposeful in topic, and the depth and volume of this voice contrasts effectively with that of the more delicate, whispered hook.

Bringing together a catchy and emotive melody, a storyline that promises honesty and vulnerability, followed by empowerment and overcoming, the song is refreshing for its fearless genre-blending and the deeply poetic nature of the lyrics. It reminds listeners to stay present, not trapped in the past nor overly obsessed with what lies ahead, and it does this throughout a short yet striking two minutes twenty five.

A strong way to draw in new audiences, and fortunately the rest of the album also refuses to disappoint. Identity and talent, passion and professionalism – an artist unafraid to be unique and talk on the subjects less talked about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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