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Big Time Grain Company Sunday Morning


This is admittedly the first time Big Time Grain Company’s music has crossed my path, but it’s easily the most certain I’ve been that their sound is one worth re-visiting. Sunday Morning makes for a fine introduction and a quickly addictive song – a definite recommend as the summer months swing into view.

Sunday Morning kicks up with a simple Americana set-up, organic and fairly minimalist to begin with, then you get the leading voice for the verse – the first moment at which the personality and unique appeal of the band starts to stand out.

The depth of that voice works beautifully in this setting, drawing you in and proceeding to engage with poetic and emotional lyrics and story-telling. As the track progresses, this early depth of tone proves to work as a clever contrast with the higher notes and uplifting brightness of later on. Contrast is essential in songwriting, and Big Time Grain Company seem to have mastered it.

In addition to all of this, the band’s writing and their performances in general offer the sheer magic of heartfelt, passionate music – skillfully crafted, and designed to welcome and warm its audience. A pleasure to stumble upon, and fortunately just one of a host of releases under their name already.

Download or stream the music here.

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