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Big O Visionary Fantasy


Freshly released from the brand new album The Mind’s Mirror, the unmistakable sound of Big O takes on a smooth new ambient realm of jazz-kissed rhythm and warmth, for the hypnotic visual and audio embrace that is Visionary Fantasy.

Feeling like organic guitar funk from the smoky jazz bars of a simpler era, the track and video quickly set the mood – walk with the leading character, the rain and the blissful musicality washing away the strain of modern life.

Lo-fi appeal fused with a clearly impressive string of musicianship from all involved, the track features Melvin Toussaint and Onisor Rodila, and makes superb use of the natural good vibes incited by live jamming and passionate solo performances united.

Vintage sounds indeed, the Big O way with creativity shines brightly at this time in our lives – a much needed hit of escapism that connects on a pure and deeply human level.

Also check out the colourful, chaotically beautiful visuals for a more upbeat highlight that is WatchuJuannaDo (Feat. Abel Boquera).

Download the new album The Mind’s Mirror via Bandcamp. Check out Big O on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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