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Big O Road Trip (Feat. Agu)


Long-time favourite and forever raising the bar within the humble yet effective realm of instrumental production, Big O collaborates to subtly shift genres once again, with the sublime and soothing Road Trip.

Coinciding with his debut EP release under Chill Ghost Records, Road Trip represents the Midnight Journey sound with blissfully crisp production and a fine fusion of organic and electronic design.

Stunning guitar work from Agu really elevates the mood for this one, Big O’s naturally ambient, immersive way with production creates a perfectly dreamy and calming space, within which the musician can simply ride the wave or the trip that is the tune.

Offering equal parts structural certainty and freestyle meandering creativity, Road Trip urges listeners to soak up the positivity and influence of the moment – the inspiring energy connects more intensely at volume, and given the all-too-brief timespan of the single, that connection quickly begs you to replay.

Emerging complete with a paralleled visual simplicity, Road Trip aptly sets the mood, inciting a lingering sense of curiosity or desire to head out on the road yourself.

The three-track EP Midnight Journey features Agu throughout, and continues to take listeners on this extended trip through time, space, and unlimited contemplation. A real pleasure to escape into for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

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