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Big O Onward & Upward (Feat. Chill Select)


Blissful good vibes bridge the gap between nostalgia and the crisp, contemporary tone of instrumentals today – Big O takes things down a beautifully immersive, smokey-jazz-style pathway once more, for this brief yet uplifting new single.

Coming in at less than two minutes in full, Onward & Upward creatively promises to gift its audience with precisely the sense of possibility and calm its title implies. Turn the music up and shake off the ache of a bad day.

Featuring an equally appropriately named Chill Select, this release sees the unmistakable skill of Big O stand tall yet humble, and showcases the artist delving further into contemplative, purposeful sound-design – making fine use of a short time-frame in which to set the mood and lift the weight of the world.

Less multi-layered than some previous projects, but effective in its minimalism and the balance between that yesteryear crackle and the warmth of the organic studio sound, Onward & Upward is the first in a series of collaborative releases from Big O. Well worth tuning in for – Look out for the compilation album from September 30th.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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