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Suburban Wildlife is a project that won my affection within just a few seconds. The crisp, warming sound of an acoustic guitar, a smooth and genuine leading voice, a comforting melody and a series of lyrics that offer both imagery and human reflection – what’s not to like?

Black Cockatoos opens the album up in an immediately comforting and beautiful way. The scene setting, the rising notes at the end of lines, the subtle harmonies, the rising intensity towards the end, the general concept – it all works well to lay out before you a clear and calming ocean of escapism. The band haven’t merely thrown these songs together for the purpose of being heard, they’ve crafted these soundscapes with care, putting thought and heart into every element, and it pays off immensely. This is simple, effective music, feeling like the sort you feel you should’ve discovered a long time ago. Yet here it is, sounding fresh, skillfully presented, gorgeously captured. Even the electric guitar solo, soaked in reverb, sees the final moments of the opening song through with subtle power and style.

Elsewhere on the project, the band exercise their musicality in big, bright, memorable ways. How Can You Be So Sure kicks off this eclecticism, this clear ability to express whatever needs expressing in a perfectly appropriate way. The energy here is totally different, but the set-up, the leading voice, the general layout of the track, undoubtedly has that fitting Big Merino sound. The hook on this one is infectious from the first tie you hear it, great songwriting, simple again yet utilising all aspects of entertainment and effective escapism, and offering nothing in the way of irrelevancy or filler.

Throughout the album you’re offered a good balance between classic rock or Americana (Blackwater, Dramamine), soul, smooth jazz (Love Letter From a Fool), and a fair bit that falls in between. In every instance, the band’s musicianship and songwriting sees their sound shining brightly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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