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Echoing into the room with the emotive and uplifting melody and hook that is Keep your head up, It’s Time is a single that speaks volumes on behalf of the passion and positive mindset of BIG MENIZ.

Seeing the artist collaborate with SoundMaster T, It’s Time proves a notably relevant, topically on point hit of inspiration and hope as dark times take the reigns.

There’s an optimistic aura to the very soundscape, and particularly to the softness and soul of the vocal melody – even later to the depth and intention of the rap vocal. The contrast between these elements also helps make the song connect and captivate right the way through. This concept of One Love lingers afters listening, as does that bass-line, and the overall positive energy of the entire song.

There’s something of a classic, perhaps nineties-inspired set-up to this single. A few piano-led chords, a light beat, a softly breathy vocal and a heartfelt sense of awareness – a desire to break free of struggle and uncertainty.

The whole thing just breathes good vibes into the room, not by means of an exclusively high octane rhythm or pace, but with a deeply reflective, personal and revealing set of lyrics and a quickly moving progression.

There’s sadness in the verses, life isn’t always easy, and the song doesn’t dust over this fact – on the contrary, it lays bare the truth, but reminds you to have faith, and focuses on moving forwards regardless. A great single – really well done.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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