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BIG MENIZ I’m a Fighter


Renowned rapper and artist BIG MENIZ joins forces with Zeek Wonderlen and director P. Noble for this emotive and honestly rooted new single and video I’m A Fighter.

Being a two-time cancer survivor himself, the very topic of the song and video is something that clearly connects on a profound level, and the heartfelt nature of the writing, combined with the optimism and colour of the soundscape, underlines this connection in a powerful way.

Following an extended introduction with smooth vocals and a choir-like, gospel-esque yet contemporary hook, the first rap verse comes into play and effectively injects a little more backstory and inspiring reference to the bigger picture.

The song itself is decidedly emotional of its own accord, though it holds close to a certain brightness and positive energy for the most part. The second rap verse adopts more of a spoken word segment, being short and calm for the outro, and both verses do distinctly reference cancer and the heartbreak it brings to so many families. Fuse this with the video though, these images of sufferers, children no less, and the whole thing captivates and compels on a whole other level.

This is a fresh release from BIG MENIZ, a deeper look at a bigger issue, exploring the very concept of life and death – it’s a step away from simpler anthems, and a notably open, personal look at life and the struggles that unite so many.

It’s a beautiful song, with a stunning vocal feature and thread of production alike. The contrast between sections helps it connect and hold attention right the way through.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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