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Big Bus Dream Hear Me Roar


Freshly-released from 2022’s full-length album of the same name, the unmistakable sound of Big Bus Dream lights up a fresh space, for Hear Me Roar.

Skilfully employing the power of contrast throughout, for a huge level of impact between this raspy and passionate pop-rock chorus, and the more spoken-word style of the stripped-back, quieter verses, Hear Me Roar reflects openly on a variety of topical and personal issues.

The lyrics and melody are easy to connect with and relate to, yet there’s also a clearly passionate devotion to the topics at hand from our protagonist, and that authenticity speaks volumes.

As mentioned before regarding the music of Big Bus Dream, it’s the distant, canned-vocal sound and the character rasp and soulful conviction that gives the music a nostalgic edge. Often the songwriting is uniquely interesting, and in this case there’s seems to be a superb balance between the broadly accessible and the unorthodox. In other words, between that mainstream appeal essential for reaching a wider audience, and the alternative, carefree reality that draws attention for its realness.

The hook is huge, a pop-rock and country moment that pierces through with anthemic weight and begs for you to join in. Then each verse returns to a contemplative and captivating string of ideas that are softly-spoken and rhythmically unpredictable. It’s a line walked well, and Hear Me Roar ultimately kicks off a wonderful album in the best possible way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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