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Big Bus Dream C’mon Dream


Introducing the catchy new single from Big Bus Dream, the first release from the upcoming album of the same name. C’mon Dream unites an upbeat and colourful pop-rock soundscape, with those unmistakably raspy and nearly-whispered vocals, for a story of personal dreams and poetic imagery.

The scenes of the song feel intimate, our protagonist detailing the moments as they pass, then switching to this sense of longing for the same experience in later dreams.

It’s a familiar concept, though not one often discussed in music – that of falling into a deep sleep, into a favorable and vivid dream, then waking and wishing to find that same realm and story once again.

The entire album of C’mon Dream effectively showcases a series of actual dreams from songwriter Big Bus Dream, furthering that relatable yet refreshing approach, What’s more, the co-producer of the project worked on the songs from Ukraine, through the onslaught of overhead missiles and power-cuts – adding a whole other aspect of intrigue and unique creative processing, to what will no doubt prove an extensively fascinating, musically engaging album.

Head to the Big Bus Dream Website to hear the new single and sign up for the album notification. Single out August 17th, album out late September. Find Big Bus Dream on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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