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Big Boys NYC Big Boys Forever


Bringing uninhibited creativity back to the forefront of modern music, Big Boys NYC offer up a superb collection of uniquely striking, characterful soundscapes throughout this bold and increasingly impressive new album.

Beginning with the cinematic stylings of Marigold, the music meets with fragments of audio detail and builds slowly but surely this haunting and heavy realm of unpredictable yet hypnotically rhythmic escapism.

Require You Promptly follows and already the vibe is fresh – the colours and building blocks lean towards the retro synths and electronic sound-play of the eighties, whilst still enveloping listeners in this light-hearted yet unavoidably addictive loop of warmth and dance-ready melody.

As the album goes on, this creative reach proves a true calling card – connecting for its authenticity and unexpectedness as much so as its humble musical embrace. There’s a hint of old-school Fatboy Slim to the free-flowing nature of these layers and artistic choices.

A retro gamer-like Do You Have The Vaccine? provides a poignant and strangely medieval look at contemporary chaos, then there’s the suddenly mellow, piano-led simplicity of Amazon Mysteries – juxtaposition keeping things fresh, yet that creative identity maintaining the Big Boys Forever mood throughout.

In stark contrast with the openers, Just a Dab’ll Do Ya follows the fuzz-heavy intensity of a distorted bass, alongside a marching rhythm and a wave-like progression that slowly but surely draws you in. Then there’s the closer, a slightly familiar, melodic and piano-led Meet The Bartons. Spoken word fragments return for a touch of Lemon Jelly-esque nostalgia. An optimistic energy arises, closing things down in a sleepy, again hypnotic fashion.

Brilliant, in short. A genuinely refreshing playlist of original compositions, taking the creative space for all it’s worth, and adopting a likable musical persona in the process. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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