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Big Beanie Sogni Milionari


Baltimore rapper and artist Big Beanie loads up on nostalgia and contemporary images, noting a handful of projects to his name and a smoothly rising reputation.

As an introduction, classic Hip Hop resounds with Sogni Milionaria song of short lines and clean production, heavy rhythm and a series of declarations regarding confidence, romance, and the drive to succeed and make money above all else.

Elsewhere the upcoming release Bad To The Bone II showcases the faster flow and story telling of Big Beanie with stylish and recognizable tracks like Do What I Want. Beanie delves into clever and quirky wordplay all the more so, backed by a slick piano part and another timeless rap rhythm.

Similarly creative and hard-hitting is Ciabatta Ciabatta, theatrical and musically fresh yet lower-toned for a darker story and scenes that captivate.

Effectively highlighting a whole other side to the Big Beanie artistic approach, this one marks an easy highlight from a swiftly expanding repertoire.

All The Time brings in a catchy melodic hook and sense of motivation amidst another creative and instrumentally fresh, organic soundscape.

The verses lay bare a story of self-belief and proceed to blend emotional references with those a little more humorous and designed to simply keep things flowing. Less than two minutes in full, the echoing set-up of the track makes it again easy to recognize and separate from everything else.

Taking production quirks further still, retro gamer tones and plenty of space back up the rhythm and personality of Up Down. Versatility in flow and unmistakable design traits elevate this one in a way that’s likely to draw in a whole other sub-genre of hip hop – something that proves true throughout Big Beanie’s catalogue of original music.

Adapting to the moment and standing tall whatever the vibe or style is a consistent strength, and is no doubt helping reach a multitude of different listeners.

Another upcoming project to look out for is Pretty Girls Love Beanie – featuring a multitude of club bangers and dance-tracks. While Bad to The Bone 2 leads with the old school hip hop sentiments and sounds that first inspired a young Beanie, both maintain his voice and performance-style, but eclecticism forever raises the bar within that.

One last release worth knowing about is the dreamy and melodic yet gritty and intense I’m Da Man. Contrast is key, and this flute-led ambiance alongside these cutting vocals of unwavering confidence and drive juxtapose one another in a compelling way. Another highlight, from an artist with a distinctly unlimited manner in the studio.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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