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Big 440 Save Yourself


Musical escapism at its finest, progressing from a cinematic and orchestral introduction through distortion, passion and pace – creative artist Big 440 delivers a fiercely evocative metal journey, for Save Yourself.

Creativity is a key aspect o the Big 440 sound, genre taking something of a secondary role in favor of songwriting and purpose as guiding lights. The result is that Save Yourself captivates for its production and performative energy; in keeping with the changing lyrical addressing and the rising emotion of that.

Contrast is masterfully incorporated throughout a post four-minute Save Yourself, moments of intimate and acoustic softness portraying live strings and cymbals before soaring electric guitars, bass and full rhythm hits with immense impact.

Big 440 tops off this arrangement style with a voice born to perform in this manner. From the softer emo moments to the fast-paced punk outpourings and the sheer ferocity of the hook, versatility is a clear strength, and again helps bring to life the heartfelt intentions and desperation at the center of the writing.

Beautifully mighty, impactful and instantly recognizable – Save Yourself employs just the right amount of riffs, hooks and references to provide a subtle yet effective ear-worm, whilst offering that all-around embrace that is the epic composition and production in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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