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Bianca M Hello World


Bianca M’s Hello World is a song that at first sounds fairly familiar or classic in its pop-ballad presentation, but that quickly evolves to be quite unlike anything you’ll have heard in recent months.

In the beginning, this gentle soundscape appears, upon which Bianca M’s leading voice soars with power and precision and absolute emotion. Her performance can’t be questioned at any point, it feels very genuine, heartfelt, and every note – whether subtle or high and passionate – is reached with notable ease. What really starts to stand out though as you progress through the verses is the lyrics. There’s something incredibly personal about these lyrics, almost as if they’re a private diary entry, displayed in a raw and vulnerable way – perhaps unedited to an extent. The meandering nature of the melody reinforces this in-the-moment realness.

As the song progresses, the intriguing title comes back to the forefront of your mind. The song moves from the questioning, melancholic energy of the verses, to the passionate sense of possibility that thrives during the chorus. The music builds and builds with this changing emotion, the soundscape explodes into life, things move from the simple, piano ballad setting, to the big-band, classical aura – even with a flicker of electric guitar. All of this underlines that central idea of overcoming, that ability to walk away and come out stronger on the other-side. What begins as a song of sadness or regret, even self-pity, soon grows to be one of inner strength, of self-empowerment.

Bianca M appears as an artist rather than simply a singer. Every element within this track highlights these changing ideas and this progression from the impossible to the easily attainable. The song stands out for its unusual set-up and for this heavy level of emotional depth, and its motivational or inspiring properties will likely connect with any number of listeners.

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Rebecca Cullen

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